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Consulting references

Rapid research

The window in the top, left side of the screen enables you to seize keywords which will be looked for amongst the references of the database.

To better target your research, it is possible to use Boolean operators, in capitals « ET » (AND), « OU » (OR), « SAUF » (EXCEPT) between two kewords:

  • ET : limits the research to documents matching both keywords.

  • OU : adds documents relating the 2nd with the 1st keyword.

  • SAUF : excludes documents relating the 2nd keywords with the 1st.

Advanced research

accessible via the link in the simple research area, this interface allows the search to be more specific, with regard to certain criteria, like for example, to only display documents by a chosen editor, or chosen theme.

The search engine, which is efficient enough, enables one to discriminate research criteria, to better target your research and thus, reduce unwanted responses. It is therefore possible to :

  • Specify the site (title, abstract, keyword, etc.) of the text sought ;

  • Select research by fields (type of document, theme, source, date, etc.) crossed thanks to Boolean operators: « ET », « OU », « SAUF ».

Don't forget to erase the research undertaken before launching a new search!

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